A user trying to install software receives a password prompt like this one.

At this screen you can choose which programs or windows to deny access to. The default entries will block nearly every software installation. Try the demo version and see!

Many Windows features that you may want to block are available from this list. Of course you are not limited to just the items in this list.

This screen allows you to set whether or not this computer can send access requests to a remote administrator. The PC can also be configured to handle incoming requests.

When Access Requests are enabled, users can send a request to another computer on your network. There is also an option to request access via phone or email, which is very useful for employees who take laptops out in the field.

When properly licensed and installed on a network, the system administrator can remotely grant or deny access requests from his or her own computer.

Here you can see some of the advanced options, such as blocking the Start menu, and disabling Log Off or Shutdown.

Using the Administer Network tool you can easy update settings on all of your networked computers. You can also download logs and disable/enable the software on the remote machines.

Install-Block includes an encryption tool, using Blowfish technology.

You can configure Install-Block to only load at system startup if the user logging in is on a list of names you have created.

Here you can see a few of the general options, including hotkey access, and tray icon visibility.

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