Bash HTML Editor is for those who prefer to hand-code their webpages, and is designed to be completely utilitarian. Everything you need is readily at hand, and unlike many other programs, which make your HTML code unnecessarily complex, Bash HTML Editor makes it easy for you to make changes later. While the hand-coded focus makes the program ideal for advanced coders, it is also great for new web designers as it allows you to create a webpage without knowing much HTML, teaching you as you go via documentation, and prominently showing you the resulting HTML code. This approach also teaches you how your site works so that you can become a better coder, able to create more professional-looking sites than possible by using simple WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) programs.

 With Bash HTML Editor, you can insert any type of content, such as images and tables, with only a few clicks. Nearly every HTML element is just a click away, with explanations given for each property. Also included is a complete listing of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) attributes, which give you even more control over your site's appearance.

Just some of the features included:

  • Color-coded HTML for easy editing
  • Built-in FTP access
  • Quickly make site-wide changes with the Multi-File Processor
  • Create forms, image maps, and dropdown menus with ease
  • Integrated preview window with full SSI support, even while offline
  • Preview your site with external browsers to ensure compatibility
  • Document map gives you a tree view of your page, making it easy to find the area you want to edit
  • Advanced color picker allows you to choose colors in several ways, including the ability to pick a color displayed anywhere on your screen
  • Tool to import the HTML code from a URL
  • Two dozen Javascripts for common tasks and special effects
  • Get advanced control over your page layout by using CSS styles. A CSS attributes list, complete with explanations of each, is included
  • Making tables is a snap with the Table toolbox -- choose between Simple, Advanced, and Skeleton modes
  • Tool to correct the linebreaks of files which have been stored on Unix webservers
  • Novice webmasters can create sites with very little knowledge of HTML, and learn the ins-and-outs in the process
  • Webpage wizard
  • Frames wizard
  • HTML and FTP tutorials
  • Toolbar buttons and shortcut keys for quickly inserting linebreaks, font formatting, and other often used items
  • Plus much, much more to make your HTML coding fast and easy

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