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Our flagship software

Install-Block allows you to require a password to be entered in order for new software to be installed on your computer. You can also prevent users from accessing any programs or windows that you choose. An ideal solution for parents, employers, or teachers.

Free software

Super Mario Bash
A personal project from many years ago. The classic Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo NES, with different levels and graphics. Requires an NES emulator to run.

TriPeaks Solitaire v0.4
A freeware, open-source version of TriPeaks solitaire. Attempt to clear the table of cards by selecting those which are one lower or one higher than the card in your hand. See how long of a streak you can get! The source code, written in VB.NET, is included in the download. If you receive an error upon starting the program, you need to install the Microsoft .NET framework.

Wallpaper Scanner / Image Viewer v2
This program scans any directory (or drive) and shows you all of the wallpapers contained therein. After the list of wallpapers is created, you can preview each one, move them individually or all at once to a central location (such as My Pictures), copy them, delete them, or set them as your wallpaper. Works as a general-purpose picture viewer as well. VB6 source code included.

Thumbnail Browser
Choose a directory, select the number of images per column and row, and then the size of the thumbnails, and this program will quickly generate webpages in that directory to allow you to browse your images.

Uptime v1
This program simply creates a label on your desktop indicating how long your computer has been on. There are a few options for customizing its appearence and behavior, including the colors, font styles, and an optional background image.

Uptime v2
Very similar to Uptime, but now with more features, including a customizable time format, as well as the ability to display the current date, time, or other text. If you receive an error upon starting the program, you need to install the Microsoft .NET framework.

Old software / No longer recommended

TaskForce is an advanced task schedular which allows you to automate downloads, shutdowns, reminder messages, program launches and closes, audio playback, and more. Virtually any task can be scheduled for automatic execution.

Bash HTML Editor
The HTML editor for people who hand-code their pages, yet want to do it faster and better. The program is also a great tool for new web designers as it allows you to create a webpage without knowing much HTML, teaching you as you go via documentation, and prominently showing you the resulting HTML code.

Deskbolt can lock your computer from use, requiring a password in order to gain any access. Deskbolt is recommended for Windows 95/98/ME. It may cause problems under Windows XP or newer versions.