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  Install-Block allows you to password-protect the installation of programs. Prevent users of your computer from installing unwanted software which may potentially contain spyware or adware. Install-Block also allows you to block any window you want, including the Control Panel, Recycle Bin, or Internet Explorer.
  • Prevent users from installing, or un-installing any program
  • Prevent users from accessing System Properties, Display Properties, Command Prompt, Internet Options, and the Run dialog
  • Prevent users from deleting files or emptying the Recycle Bin
  • Prevent children from using instant messaging programs, file sharing programs, or other content you find unsuitable.
  • Prevent employees from playing games such as Solitaire.
  • Password-protect nearly any program or window you choose
  • Administrators can remotely grant or deny access to a blocked program on a networked user's machine

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