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Free Programs

TriPeaks Solitaire v0.4:
A freeware, open-source version of TriPeaks solitaire. I made this after playing TriPeaks with a free trial membership to Club Pogo ( After my trial was up I looked for a free version to download and couldn't find one. So here it is. The source code, written in VB.NET, is included in the download.  Download (704k)

This program simply creates a label on your desktop indicating how long your computer has been on. There are many different options for customizing it's appearence and behavior, including the colors, font styles, and an optional background image.  Download (460k)

Uptime v2:
Very similar to Uptime, but now with more features, including totally customizable time format, as well as the ability to display the current date, time, or other text. This version does use a lot more memory than the first version (about 10MB, compared to less than 3MB) because it uses the .NET framework.  Download (18k)

Wallpaper Scanner / Image Viewer v2:
This program scans any directory (or drive) and shows you all of the wallpapers contained inside. After the list of wallpapers is created, you can preview each one, move them individually or all at once to a central location (such as My Pictures), copy them, delete them, or set them as your wallpaper. Very useful for those who use XP Visual Styles, WindowBlinds, or other software which often comes with wallpapers. Makes a great general-purpose picture viewer as well. VB6 source code included.  Download (101k)

Super Mario Bash:
The classic Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo NES, re-done with different levels and graphics.  More Info

Messenger FREEdom:
If you're running Windows XP or NT, you've probably received messages while you're on the Internet, advertising some product or maybe even wanting you to buy software just so that you won't receive any more messages. These are from the Messenger service, a service not related to MSN Messenger, and you don't have to pay for software to disable them. With one click, this program will permanently turn this service off, unless you decide to turn it back on. Note: your Windows account must have Admin privelages in order for this program to work.  Download (46k)

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